Gentle Stretch

Come experience this slow, quiet and contemplative practice that targets your connective tissues - ligaments, joints, bones and facial networks. This class encourages deep relaxation and brings balance to the organs through meridian stimulation. You can expect passive, longer held floor poses which aim to strengthen immunity & emotional wellbeing. Sounds from the gong and himalayan singing bowls during the Wednesday night class make it a truly meditative experience.


Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind, body and spirit by incorporating breathing exercises, meditation and poses. The pace allows opportunity for inward reflection while increasing flexibility & reducing stress. The sequence of poses is designed to quiet your mind and relax your body in order to release physical and mental tension. There is an emphasis on foundational poses, alignment and breath.


Our pilates workout stimulates the entire body by combining elements from both traditional pilates and yoga using music motivation and rhythmic movement. Exercises are performed on a yoga mat and can easily be modified for all fitness levels. Join Brandi for Pilates on Wednesday mornings at 8:30am!

Yoga Inversions

Enrich and expand your yoga practice while building strength, flexibility and balance using the Feet Up Trainer! The Feet Up Trainer helps you achieve inverted postures (such as headstand) in a gentle, accessible and safe manner. The weight of your body does not rest on your head, but is evenly spread on your shoulders allowing your head to hang without strain, gently stretching your cervical spine. We have room for 6 people in this class. Text 402-414-2519 or message our Facebook page to sign up!

Flow Yoga

Flow is a fitness based contemporary style of yoga that seamlessly synchronizes breath and movement. Asanas (yoga poses) are linked together with flowing movements turning this challenging practice into a moving meditation. Flow yoga is the most dynamic yoga class on our schedule. It's faster, more intense and the focus is on building strength and stamina.


Bounce is a high cardio, mini trampoline rebounding class. The class is 45 minutes in length and set to fun, fast paced music with an average tempo of 128 bpm. Each week features a new bounce “routine” as well as toning exercises to keep your mind and body engaged. Expect a vigorous cardiovascular workout! We have room for 8 people in each class. Text 402-414-2519 or message our Facebook page to sign up!