Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body by incorporating breathing exercises, meditation, and poses. The pace allows opportunity for inward reflection while increasing flexibility and  reducing stress. You can expect range of motion exercises and the use of foam rollers and yoga therapy balls to massage deeply into high tension areas. I offer pose variations throughout the class so that everyone can experience the poses in a way that benefits their body.

While I do my absolute best to make yoga accessible to all body types and fitness levels, we do move from seated on the floor to standing and back to seated several times throughout the class. If you have very limited mobility or are unable to get down to the floor, please contact me to discuss options.


"Bounce" is a high cardio, mini trampoline rebounding class. I use the Jumpsport brand rebounder and have room for up to eight people in each "bounce" class. The class is 45 minutes in length and set to fun, fast paced music with an average tempo of 128 beats per minute. Expect a vigorous cardiovascular workout! Text 402-414-2519 or message me through the Earth & Owl facebook page to sign up for a class.