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What is Bounce?

Rebounding or "Bounce" is a low impact, high adrenaline workout on a mini trampoline that will challenge you both mentally and physically. Each week features a fun new "routine" to keep your mind and body engaged.

In Studio & Virtual Zoom

Click the link to create your punchpass account. Click "create an account" on the upper right hand side of the page. Click "purchase a pass" on the upper left hand side of the page. Once you've purchased some classes (in-studio or virtual), you can click on any date to add your name to the schedule.

This is for in person or live virtual zoom classes. If you want to stream on-demand classes from home using our video library, go to the "Online Streaming" tab in the menu.

Virtual Zoom Instructions

Watch your email.  You'll receive a note in your inbox about 10 minutes before class is scheduled to start. Click on the link you receive. This will activate the online class at your end, and you'll be able to see your instructor from your screen once they log in. Participate in the class online. That's it!


Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind, body and spirit by incorporating breathing exercises, meditation and poses. The pace allows opportunity for inward reflection while increasing flexibility & reducing stress. The sequence of poses is designed to quiet your mind and relax your body in order to release physical and mental tension. There is an emphasis on foundational poses, alignment and breath. Yoga classes are beginner friendly.

Flow Yoga

This fitness based contemporary style of yoga seamlessly synchronizes breath and movement. Asanas (yoga poses) are linked together with flowing movements turning this challenging practice into a moving meditation. Flow yoga is the most dynamic yoga class on our schedule. It's faster, more intense and the focus is on building strength and stamina. While not necessary, it is recommended that you attend a few regular yoga classes prior to taking this intermediate class.


Toning combines exercises targeted to specific muscle groups in order to increase strength and endurance. Expect to engage all major muscle groups using your own body weight as the main form of resistance. Small hand weights, blocks, and resistance bands may be included in this challenging class! You'll work hard, but leave feeling great!

Meet the Team

Introducing your "BOUNCE" instructors!

Nikki Hayes

Founder & Owner

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Credentialed Instructor

Emily Crotty

Bounce Instructor

Jill Hardy

Bounce Instructor

Jari Dunekacke

Bounce Instructor